Every Product, Every Resource, All Our Expertise, on One Site

Welcome to the new Brandwatch.com.

Some of you might be visiting the site for the first time, while some might be very familiar with it and noticing some changes.

Today marks a huge milestone for the company – a big step forward in sharing our new offering as a combined business (which now includes all of the legacy products from Falcon.io). Today also marks the sunsetting of the Falcon.io brand.

I’d like to share what’s new, how we got here, and why we’re excited for the future.


The new offering

Brandwatch now offers two solution groups: Consumer Intelligence and Social Media Management. 

Within Consumer Intelligence you’ll find Consumer Research as well as Vizia and Reviews, which are popular add-ons.

Within Social Media Management you’ll find the whole legacy Falcon range of products: Publish, Engage, Measure, Benchmark, Advertise, Listen, and Audience. You’ll also find Influence, our new end-to-end influencer marketing product.