13 Behind-the-Scenes Post Ideas You Should Steal Immediately




It can be challenging to open the curtains of your business and let people peek behind it to see what’s cooking there. But we urge you to consider it.

Why? Because an unedited look into what is happening inside your business allows people to see the human side of your brand, which builds trust and connection.

Let’s look at some successful examples of letting your online community behind the scenes with you. For example, we’ll look at how you can:

  • Show your company culture and values
  • Show off your office and stores
  • Introduce your team and work environment
  • Share excitement around events


Share stories from your day-to-day

When you let your audience behind the scenes always remember to do it with one main goal in mind—engaging your audience. 

Here is an example from the Social Media Week team on how they celebrated their virtual conference with humor from the office. They made a joke with a snapshot from the day with a dog. And who doesn’t like a cute dog, right?